Your article (June 13) ‘Rail push picks up steam’ quotes MP Danny O’Brien: “Some sections of the community want the train back, but there’s also a growing push for the bike path” to be extended from Leongatha to Korumburra. Both the return of trains and the rail trail extension would be good for South Gippsland.
Danny says further “It doesn’t need to be either or” and that he would like to get a clear message from the community and council about “which one do you want?”
Fairly confusing, can we have both, can all sections of the community be happy with the plans for the rail line future?
Seems our council should invite all those interested to plan what is best – including can both options be accommodated, time frames, who pays and how much, and so on.
The future of the rail line needs to be considered by all the community and action commenced. Over to you South Gippsland Shire Council.
Steve Finlay, Leongatha.