Voyage Fitness trainer and former soldier Scott Spackman-Lowe organised and participated in the One Million Kg Lift in Leongatha on Sunday to raise funds and awareness for veterans’ charity Soldier On. kg112318

Participants, including Voyage Fitness trainer Jude Reynolds, lifted weights of all shapes and sizes to get to their one million kilogram target on Sunday. kg122318

Michael James, pictured lifting 80kgs, was aiming to lift over 150,000kgs in total over the course of the One Million Kg Lift on Sunday. kg142318

IT TOOK a team at Voyage Fitness Leongatha five hours and 27 minutes to smash their goal of lifting one million kilograms on Sunday.
The motto was “every kg counts” in a challenge designed to raise funds and awareness for veterans’ charity Solider On, and a determined group of about 30 gym members and trainers lifted just about everything they could to get there.
Some set personal goals, while others simply kept going as long as they could. Starting at 8am on Sunday, they’d hit the million mark by around 1.30pm.
Voyage Fitness trainers Jude Reynolds and Scott Spackman-Lowe came up with the challenge as a way to get gym members involved in raising money and awareness for a very worthy cause.
“We wanted to raise money for Solider On but do it in an interactive way. We’ve done other fundraisers that have been more cardio based so it’s been really good to get our seasoned lifters together for this. It’s just something a little bit different,” said Scott.
Scott spent seven years in the army and served in Afghanistan and East Timor, and knows how difficult the transition to civilian life can be for military personnel.
He’s passionate about supporting the work of Soldier On, and has also been growing a beard to raise money for the group.
“Soldier On do amazing work supporting Australian soldiers and their families with psychological services, social connection activities, employment and education support,” Scott said.
“Often it’s hard for people (who haven’t served) to understand, and Soldier On helps soldiers connect with other people in similar circumstances.”
Scott said there’d been an “amazing” amount of support for the one million kilogram challenge and the beard fundraiser from gym members and the wider community, and that combining cash donations with the total from his online Go Fund Me campaign, he expected to easily reach his fundraising goal of $5000 this week.