THE “best market around” at VLE Leongatha is continuing to attract cattle for sale from a wide area and such was the case last Wednesday when 1368 came forward.
But with prices generally firmer, one local buyer, Ross Svenson was keeping his hand in his pocket for the most part.
It didn’t stop other restockers participating when the trade price wasn’t met.
“You won’t catch me complaining about the price. It’s just supply and demand which is why you have to be here each week,” said Ross.
“There were some quite good bullocks in today, with Leongatha pulling from quite a wide area, and they improved 5c to 12c/kg in price.
“The cow quality was mixed but they sold pretty well also.
“It’s come back up again now as the numbers ease off a bit.”
The only thing Ross bought on the day was a bull, after participating strongly in the market a few weeks ago.
“I’m OK for numbers at the moment but you can always do with a few more.”
Ross believes VLE Leongatha is one of the best markets in south-eastern Australia with producers feeling they can get a premium when selling in the market owing to the strength of the country locally.
Talk about rainfall has eased up in recent weeks at the saleyards, after decent falls but the cost of supplementary feed is certainly a topic of conversation.