Members of Nyora’s first ever women’s footy team, pictured with Trent from the team’s major sponsor TSM Plumbing, were presented with their guernseys last week.

IF you’ve never considered playing women’s footy, now might be the perfect time to start.
Nyora Football Club is seeking more players for its first ever women’s team, which is off to a very successful start in AFL Gippsland’s Women’s Development League of seven teams.
With three wins and one loss four rounds into the season, Nyora’s side is performing well, and Nyora Football Netball Club president Gavin Doig says current numbers are looking good.
But he says the club is determined to do as much as it can to encourage participation and develop women’s footy in the region.
“We’re averaging 20 to 24 women, whereas some of the other teams are only getting around 15, so we’ve got pretty good numbers. But we don’t want to rest on our laurels. We want more and more people to come and enjoy it. We’d like to develop it and really champion women’s footy within our region,” Gavin said.
There’s much to be gained from being part of the team, says Gavin, even beyond the obvious health and fitness benefits.
“It’s also about community and comradery: getting together with like-minded women and playing a sport that’s traditionally been male-dominated.
“There’s a really good feeling and a positivity among the players that comes from doing something unique and brand new. Not all clubs are celebrating that but I think it’s important that we do.”
Gavin says any women who want to try playing footy but don’t know where or how to start should come down to a training session at Nyora and see what it’s all about.
“The more the merrier. We’ll welcome anyone. You don’t need experience. That’s the beauty of it. You don’t need to have ever played before. We have some women in the team who’ve been playing for 10 years and others who’ve never played before.
“You can be any shape or size. There’s a role for everyone. And there’s no pressure on having to perform. As a club, we’re just happy if people are enjoying it and having a go.”
If you’re interested in trying out women’s footy, contact Nyora’s women’s coach Brett Kelly on 0447 802 700.