By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

NEXT time you are flicking through your calendar stop at September 9 and pencil in the San Remo Fishing Festival.
The San Remo Traders Association is organising the Fishing Festival this year and has made several changes focusing on what was done at some of the original festivals.
One of the biggest changes is to the date of the event, taking it from March to September.
The reason for the change is they are bringing back the Blessing of The Fleet, something that hasn’t been done for almost 20 years at San Remo.
The blessing is something that was always done at the start of the fishing season and was traditionally done for the commercial fleet.
Because of the dwindling commercial fleet, the blessing will be open to all boats.
If you want to be involved there will be a couple of different ways the blessing will be done but you will need to register your interest.
To register, text your name, mobile contact number and your boat size to 0409 018 980. You will then be sent information about the blessing.
You can also drop into the shop and register with us.
There has been some very good support for the event from the VFA, San Remo Co-op and BCS and when you get there you will see a very large marquee in the carpark where there will be filleting displays and cooking demonstrations, all by local businesses, industry displays and following the theme of the event, fresh and local, plenty of produce and tastings.
There will be static displays, activities, games and competitions for all to be involved.
And one for the whole family, Wildlife Coast Cruises boat the Brianna Lee will have a couple of cruises for the day out to the cape and as a special for the festival the charge will only be $5. More information on times and bookings will follow as the event gets closer.
As I get more information I will put it in my report and the website will be up and running soon where all the information will be. You can also use the above contact number for more information.
With 1m and bigger waves under the bridge all weekend and rain for most of it, as you would expect boats didn’t make it off their trailers and the jetties and beaches were very lonely places.
During the week we had some ordinary patches of weather but at least those on holidays could get out for a fish without being blown off their feet. Most of the fishing was done off the land and those few who put the boats in were chasing squid.
The rest of the people standing on the beaches or even a few in the boats were binoculars-in-hand, looking for whales. I think there were more whale sightings than fish caught but we did have quite a few quality reports.
The beaches fired up in patches this week and some quality salmon were caught with the bigger fish all caught on lures. The best of the beaches was Kilcunda near the bridge and then up towards the Powlett.
There was plenty reported but for those standing on the beach most of the day all they caught were smaller ones every now and again, then a school would come through and if you were very quick at changing baits or had lures, all the salmon in the school were 1.5kg or better and up to almost 3kg models.
The beach at Woolamai was a little more consistent with regular catches but there weren’t the schools going through like at Kilcunda.
The salmon at Woolamai were a bit smaller also and again we had several reports at Anzacs to the right, lures only cast over the shallower water.
Calamari reports were good when the weather allowed and seemed to be much bigger, and not too many very small ones. It was difficult at times with the weed and dirty water, especially for the cast and retrieve with artificial lures.
Some good reports from the beach at Woolamai but only from a short period each day, a couple of hours over the high tide change. Boat reports we got were all from those casting artificial lures with a variety of colours working.
We also had several reports from the jetties of the calamari swimming up to the jigs to have a look but not taking them and it didn’t seem to matter what colour you were using.