Daniel Andrews just doesn’t get community sport and the work that countless volunteers put into supporting their clubs.
Why else would he be offering loans, with interest, to grassroots sports clubs, while handing the country’s wealthiest sporting organisation $225 million to renovate Etihad Stadium as well as prime land in Melbourne’s CBD – for free?
Announcing its loans policy, Labor has said it will save communities “significant money”.
But Labor’s got it all wrong with its $225 million free kick to the AFL, while forcing community clubs to go begging, cap in hand, for a loan – with interest.
In Parliament recently, Daniel Andrews’ Sports Minister tried to claim it was what community clubs wanted, but then couldn’t name a single grassroots club that had asked for a loan, instead of a grant.
Labor claims it’s supporting community sport, but the State Budget papers show just $60 million allocated for 2018/19 and nothing in future years.
It’s clear Labor has no plan to support grassroots sports clubs.