Just a letter to thank Mr David Vance and Mr Graham Wilson (probably not their real names), for their brilliantly funny, ridiculous letters.
Mr Vance’s attack on plastic nappies is a wonderful highlight. Blaming climate change on babies and parents is so fabulously inappropriate!
I especially love the comedic hypocrisy of taking, so called ‘Green’ reusable shopping bags in a climate change making car! Just complete GOLD!
I also loved Mr Wilson’s letter from April 17, about his disgust over children riding bicycles on the footpath!
This was totally fantastic, in a time where everyone is concerned about children spending too much time indoors on screens, and dads being unavailable at work.
Mr Wilson flips the reality on is head and writes a passionate rant about the negatives of a father going cycling with his children.
Just wonderful – perhaps the Two Ronnies have moved to Inverloch? Just love these absurdist letters, well done whoever you are, just tremendously wrong!
Tom Murray-White, South Dudley