We have all been touched and emotionally swept up in the incredible, generous and inspiring effort in saving the young Thai soccer team lost in a deep, flooded, dark and scary cavern.
It seems that no commitment, expense or sacrifice would be spared to save them from their human predicament.
However, in our daily lives there still remains such a need for a similar commitment to be offered to those around us who find themselves lost in a dark, cavernous, desperate and hopeless sense of economic, mental and social isolation.
We proudly call ourselves the lucky country, which is so often measured by our middle class material circumstances and individual lifestyle.
Fortunately, in recent times our forgotten citizens, so often labelled and degraded as leaners, are finding their voice, advocacy and a fairer go.
Unfortunately, many of our citizens feel trapped in a cavernous, fearful space by circumstance and wait so long, maybe a life time for recognition, empowerment, justice and a sense of freedom.
So let this inspiring international rescue, commitment and cooperation be an inspirational example, that if we invest goodwill, empathy and justice, we can raise community dreams, hopes and that precious, positive spirit and energy that helps drive more sustainable communities and growth, wellbeing and wealth.
A democratic, fair society should commit to paying and supporting a fairer share to give our needy a hand up.
We all know someone in need, so please speak up, pay up and celebrate a more compassionate and inclusive Lucky Country.
In August 2018, after a long wait of 50 years, the names of our local Vietnam Veterans will be publicly acknowledged and displayed. Lest We Forget.
Dick Lester, Leongatha.