I journeyed to Korumburra over the holidays and was surprised at the large amount of very neglected small gardens there are all over the town.
What has happened that so many residents can’t keep such small blocks tidy.
I was also horrified at the new style of road repair, no side to the road, no way can a car pull off the road with a breakdown.
What about the very large trucks, caravans and boats?
It would be a death trap to try and fix even a flat tyre, now double lines with a narrow, sealed area with a deep drain at edge of the sealed area.
Break downs do happen, flat tyres do happen, it is not always possible to travel 1, 2 or 3km further on to a gateway or pull off point.
Do these road designers live in a fairy land.
New subdivisions, narrow roads with unnecessary bends, parked cars on both sides, no way through, several cars from many houses parked 24-7. They would be better on the nature strip. How would a fire truck get through?
Judy Trindall, Cranbourne.