Regarding Tom Murray-White’s comments in the Sentinel-Times on July 10 concerning two letters published recently; one about riding bikes on footpaths and the other the problems caused by “plastic nappies”.
Tom Murray-White’s use of the word “rant” in his tirade of abusive comments describes his letter perfectly. It was so biased and blind to the rights of others I could barely believe what I was reading.
I have absolutely nothing against “younger” children using the safer option of riding on the footpath.
However, it becomes a problem if they are poorly supervised and allowed to ride too fast, especially during the busier holiday periods, which in the more crowded areas of town can and does lead to conflict with pedestrians.
Older people may not hear bikes coming from behind or be able move out of the way as quickly. After all, it is a footpath so little more care would be appreciated.
His other rant stated that pollution caused by plastic nappies was apparently OK. Through all of history we’ve managed without them and now it seems they’ve become a necessity that just ends up in the rubbish with all the other pollutants, but maybe that is a debate for another day.
Steve Carter, Inverloch.