July 2018: Approaching a year later and the pipe is clearly visible, with more of the embankment eroding.

THERE is an answer to the erosion issues along the Grantville foreshore.
That’s the message from State Government’s Department of Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) about the beach, which is continuing to suffer extensive erosion.
Most residents would probably tell you there are only two options, either plant the mangroves or build a wall.
But the department says they’ll present a report to residents with “proposed treatments” later this year in another community information session.
It follows a hostile one last year, where residents threw arguments back and forth either for or against the mangroves. It’s the cheaper option – compared to a wall – but some residents say it could make the beach muddy.
DELWP program manager of land and built environment, Rod Croft, said last week the department completed a series of community engagement workshops to understand coastal processes and the community’s perspective.
“This will inform the type of treatments that are proposed to help protect the Grantville Foreshore in the short, medium and longer term,” he said on Friday.
“A final report has been prepared that captures community views from these sessions and provides recommendations on the proposed treatments for the area.
“A final community information session for the Grantville community is planned to be delivered in August/September. Details regarding the session will be released by DELWP shortly.”
Mr Croft said they’ve also made an application under the ‘Protecting Victoria’s Iconic Beaches and Coastline’ program to seek funding for the erosion issues occurring at Grantville.
“This is a competitive state-wide process and the Grantville project will be assessed against other projects across the state,” he said.