Because I am very concerned about what is being proposed by AGL and also Kawasaki for Western Port, I am writing to ask could these be brought to our community’s attention.
When speaking of this to other Inverloch people, they all are surprised, having never heard or read of this.
My information came from my daughter in Tyabb, with her concern being Crib Point and Hastings. However, people of Phillip Island, Corinella and other waterline communities would also be worried if they knew.
Any extra foreign shipping brings more risks of water borne pests – our regulations are not necessarily theirs. And this is apart from risks from the gas workings themselves, which in an area like this, could
be disastrous.
Also, a pipeline dug kilometres long through productive farming areas (where wide easements are needed) will only help AGL to the detriment of the environment and business.
With so much extra shipping, the planned ferry could be problematic, also the new boat ramp at Corinella.
Judith Nicholls, Inverloch.