A LEARNER driver got a frightening introduction to life behind the wheel when a semitrailer wrecked the front of her car in Korumburra last week.
The truck, which was hauling a large load of plastic pipe, and a Barina in which the young learner driver and her supervisor were travelling, were both attempting to turn left out of Radovick Street onto Commercial Street at around 12.30pm last Tuesday, when the vehicles collided.
“Basically you’ve got a truck that’s waiting to turn left, swung further wider than a normal car would be,” said Leading Senior Constable Carl Baido of Korumburra Police, after interviewing both drivers at the scene last week.
“The learner driver’s come up on [the truck’s] inside, also waiting to turn left, and the traffic cleared and the truck started to turn and dragged the front of the Barina,” LSC Baido said.
The truck received minor damage to one tyre but was able to continue along its route a short time after the collision.
The Barina was a different story, and had to be towed from outside the Middle Pub, on the corner of Radovick and Commercial Streets.
LSC Baido said it was unlikely anyone would be charged in relation to the incident.
“It’s unlikely there’ll be any police follow up,” he said.
“He [the truck driver] obviously didn’t see that she [the learner driver] was there, and she obviously didn’t notice that he had his indicators on waiting to turn left.
“There might be a valuable lesson learnt by both people. Granted, it’s hard for the truck driver to see low on the left hand side but there’s nothing to suggest that he didn’t have his indicators on. It’s just lucky that no one was hurt.”