To all those believers out there who seriously consider that the supermarkets’ actions are based on altruism and concern for the environment, get real!
These so called ‘single use’ bags which are the subject of the ban and hitherto touted as being provided free by the supermarkets were never free.
We paid for each and every one of them, the cost having been amortised into the price of every item purchased.
Not only have the considerable savings to the supermarkets not been passed on to consumers through reduced prices, these vultures have the gall to sell you even more environmentally unsound bags for an extra cost. Go figure!
The supermarkets shelves are chock full of items wrapped or vacuum sealed in plastic and all fruit and vegetable sections are also strewn with plastic bags which we are actively encouraged to use… no alternatives made available here.
We have always had green, foldaway and cooler bags in our car and use them for the majority of our supermarket shopping but we also like to get a few so called ‘single use’ bags to ‘reuse’ for other purposes.
I would venture to suggest that many supporters who have boarded this latest bandwagon of concern for the environment have raised their children using disposable nappies.
These environmental nightmares are the bane of landfill by sheer volume alone. It is estimated that the average baby will use over 6500 of these disasters of convenience between birth and toilet training.
If we multiply this figure by the number of children families are having, you can hear the planet groaning under excremental pressure.
When you consider that probably three dozen reusable cloth nappies would likely suffice for the whole family, represent a humungous financial saving and provide monumental benefit to the environment, one wonders why this area hasn’t been the subject of State Government legislation.
Just saying…
David Vance, Inverloch.