Ambulance paramedics and other emergency services personnel prepare the injured driver for transfer to a waiting helicopter. m173118

RESIDENTS of the small Wattle Bank community living along Inverloch-Kongwak Road, say they are sick and tired of drivers using the road, out in front of their houses and rural properties, as a raceway.
While not commenting on the exact cause of a single-vehicle accident at the location at 8am last Friday morning, local resident Carl Scothern said it should act as a wake-up call for other road users.
“What people who use the road need to understand is that there are people living here, trying to put their kids on the bus and going about their business safely.
“They need to slow down,” he said.
Mr Scothern said drivers of cars and heavy vehicles rocketed through the area at high speeds, oblivious of the fact that local residents were trying to access their properties.
“I was in bed asleep at the time but a neighbour had just put his kids on the bus and heard it.
“He’s strayed into the drain (the driver) and flipped the car over our letterbox and landed 10 metres up the road,” Mr Scothern said.
The report tied in with what Senior Constable Clint Goff said at the scene of the incident.
“He’s been southbound towards Inverloch, gone into the side culvert, run along for about 50 metres and then rolled it. He’s a middle-aged male in a stable condition and he’s being airlifted to the Alfred.”
The local man was trapped in his car until ambulance paramedics, SES crews and CFA arrived at the scene.
“He’s complained of backpain but otherwise appears to be OK,” SC Goff said.
He said the incident should also send a message about “driver distraction”.
“You don’t just drive down a straight road and crash for nothing,” he said.
The Ford Focus Trend, with a ‘South Gippsland Driver Education’ sticker on the rear bumper, was extensively damaged in the crash.