We bought a property close to 85 Merricks Track, Leongatha South over a decade ago for two reasons – for tranquillity and to preserve and restore the bush.
Like many residents around here, we have invested time and resources replanting native vegetation which will provide habitat for vulnerable wildlife and help establish a vital wildlife corridor.
Furthermore, planting these trees and understory will help offset others’ carbon footprint.
This is what benefits South Gippslanders and their generations to come.
The council havs decided to grant a permit to allow motorbike racing events to be held in Nortons Bush off Merricks Track, one of the largest remaining remnant pockets of bush in the shire.
Councillors have chosen to benefit the Leongatha motorbike club (LMC) at the expense of neighbours (41 objections; many noise-based) and at the peril of valuable habitat.
Perhaps the councillors feel that by placing conditions on the permit, they have reached a compromise.
Even in the unlikely event that these conditions are adhered to (LMC admitted to clearing illegal bike tracks through Nortons Bush two years ago), such conditions will do little to minimise noise pollution or avoid the inevitable damage to the ground and wildlife habitat.
Janine and Hugh Thomas,
Leongatha South.