How long does it take to install a set of traffic lights? Six months, 12 months…?
The new set being built in Wonthaggi must be the most expensive traffic lights to be installed in a country town, cost advised at $3.76 million.
The average cost ranges from $300,000-$600,000 [refer Google enquiry].
We were advised that a roundabout was not suitable as the road was not wide enough, but nature strips have been reduced and the road widened for the lights anyway.
Recently read in the Sentinel-Times that the roundabout at Graham and McKenzie streets was one of the busiest in Gippsland and I am sure most residents feel that it works fine. I am sure the traffic flow from Inverloch would be far greater in Graham Street than the flow in Korumburra Road coming into Wonthaggi.
All the lights will do is make drivers use alternate roads to get to destination.
Right and left turn arrows only increase waiting times.
It has been proven that roundabouts provide a better traffic flow than lights and also that roundabouts reduce injury crashes up to 75 per cent, as opposed to stop and give way signs and lights.
So we can sit back and wait for the long awaited installation of lights to be complete, at an enormous cost.
L Broughton, North Wonthaggi.