TWO ladies saved a Wonthaggi grandmother’s life last week.
Christine Russell of Wonthaggi suffered a cardiac arrest at the local Big W store on Friday afternoon.
Within seconds, a Big W staff member got on the PA speaker and asked if anyone was qualified in CPR or First Aid.
Two ladies rushed to her assistance, Michelle and Shannon.
Within two minutes of the cardiac arrest, the new Big W employee Michelle had begun mouth to mouth.
That was while Shannon, a personal care assistant from Nyora, clenched two hands together and repeatedly pushed down on the grandmother’s chest.
After six minutes, paramedics had arrived and soon after, MICA responders.
Shannon held Christine’s hand throughout the ordeal, not wanting her to feel alone.
Christine’s daughter Shelley says the two ladies saved her mum’s life.
“We’ve been told with absolute certainty that Mum wouldn’t be alive today if they didn’t respond so quickly,” Shelley said on Monday.
“If she didn’t get help within 10 minutes, she might still be alive but have brain damage and not know who she is.
“She’s still in a critical condition at Monash Medical, but she knows who she is and she knows all her grandchildren.”
Shelley recalled sitting around the waiting room with her family in the early hours of Saturday morning.
“We decided that as a family, we all need to learn CPR.
“Someone’s given us this amazing gift and if we’re in the community, then we can give it back.”
Christine and Robert Russell moved from Heathmont to Wonthaggi about three years ago.
“They decided Wonthaggi was very central with a great hospital. All the good reasons for choosing to retire paid off on Friday afternoon,” Shelley said.
“It was a community working like it should. We are so grateful to Michelle and Shannon, and everyone who helped. I think they’re our guardian angels.
“They’re our heroes.”