We would like to advise people in the Bass Coast Shire to beware when it comes to trees overhanging your property.
A large branch from a Council tree fell on the road and ripped the overhead power line from our home.
Ausnet came to disconnect the power, then we had an electrician reconnect the power line to our home. We were without power for 24 hours.
Ausnet, to their credit, have waived their fees, but we are out-of-pocket $396 for the electrician’s work.
We contacted the Bass Coast Shire’s insurer who declined our claim, and our request to review this claim, due to the fact that we had not complained about the tree in the past.
We had spoken to tree loppers in the area about the problem, but Council did not have any record of our concerns.
Just a warning to all residents… whenever you see a tree limb that could cause a problem, contact the shire staff and record your request and do it often.
If the branch had hit someone walking past and killed them, what would Council’s answer be? Just their bad luck?
There must be a fairer way to treat people.
Jill and Ralph Widmer, Inverloch.