I said at a shire presentation that Leongatha’s main asset is car parks proving that the car is king. I can now announce that the town is losing its questionable crown to Mirboo North.
My recent letter raised the question of the proposed car wash which, if installed, will grace the edge of the park. This, as we all know, is the town’s major asset.
I now read in the Sentinel-Times that ‘United Petroleum’ has applied for permission to build a “second servo” and what a charming title that is, in a most sensitive location.
Never mind the child centre and library opposite or the house next door and certainly ignore the town’s culture, after all it is business that counts.
What will the shire decide, to give permission or will it lead the way forward into a well-planned future that will benefit the people. Permission will result in increased traffic, noise, pollution, much more stress and activity. Refusal will lead to the recognition of the people’s needs and the rebuttal of the attitude that the dollar is all that counts.
I was recently informed by a senior planner that refusal to give permission to developers will result in an appeal to VCAT and that past experience shows the shire loses and it costs money. That sounds like the lowest possible standards to me or very simply the developers can do whatever they like.
Currently we have ugly shops, an architecturally designed police station in the wrong location, we are going to lose our valuable forest and now we are being blessed with a car wash and new servo, how lucky we are!
I am sure the residents of Mirboo North can imagine many more ways of destroying the character, culture and habitability of the town and no doubt the shire will be pleased to hear from them. What do you think?
Ron Brown, Mirboo.