I am writing this to try and find out if there is an affordable place where myself and others who are alone can go for Christmas Day Lunch so we don’t have to spend it alone.
Many of the commercial dinners that are available are a bit expensive for pensioners.
In the past there was a luncheon at Meeniyan’s Uniting Church but since it’s closing and now sold, that venue is no longer an option.
Many of us do not have partners or family nearby and often spend Christmas Day and the Christmas period alone, as we do most of the rest of the year.
The only other option for us is to impose on friends and feel as if we are invading their time with their families.
While they may not mind, and invite us to join them and their families, I know that many of us would prefer to go somewhere like the Uniting Church venue.
The meal and company there was great and I wish to publicly thank the organisers of the past Christmas Day lunches for the great meal, friendships and company they provided.
I really hope that some other group or venue locally can take over from where the Uniting Church, Meeniyan left off.
I hope you can print this in your paper to help find a suitable affordable lunch for Christmas Day so we aren’t alone.
Sue Cashin, Meeniyan.