EVERY man and his dog were at a well-attended auction on the surfside of Phillip Island last Saturday afternoon, at number 5 Batman Street, Surf Beach not far from the popular ‘Surfies Point’ surfing break and beach.
But in the end, it was the next-door-neighbours, the operators of Infinity Swim School at number 7 Batman Street who bought the property, after spirited bidding, for $352,000.
A spokesperson for the family said they were delighted to have been able to buy the property next door, while locals were pleased too, hoping the swim school will park some of their cars on the next-door site.
Agent and auctioneer from Alex Scott and Staff, Greg Price, said he wasn’t surprised to see the property sell in the mid-$300,000s.
“We have a nice big block of approximately 775m2 here today which are a thing of the past now with 400m2 more likely in Cowes today. They knew how to create a block in those days,” Mr Price said at the start of the auction at 1pm.
The property, which has been vacant for a considerable amount of time, was being sold on behalf of the bank.
“The value is certainly there. We saw a block in Tolley Avenue, Surf Beach sold for $350,000 recently and a two-bedroom house in Alvina Street sold for $381,000 and I’ll tell you what’s driving it, land on Phillip Island is running out.
“There’s no more land,” he said, listing housing estates that were either sold out or filling fast.
“The council has been very clear, there won’t be anymore and that’s why we are seeing prices in this area climb above the $300,000 mark.
“Here you’ve got a nice big block close to surf breaks including Crazy Boots and Surfies Point, it’s a gem, so what am I bid?”
He didn’t have to wait long. A bid of $280,000 came straight off the bat and with quick-fire exchanges, the price offered raced through to $340,000 without a pause, ultimately rising in $2500 increases and finally $1000 bids to get it to $352,000.
There would have been upwards of 50 people in attendance and at least 10 dogs, all well behaved, the dogs too!