Australian skating legend Tas Pappas tried out some new jumps last week at the Megaranch. N043318

Keefer gets some good air during a training session last week. N033318

HE’S ONLY 11, but Nyora’s Keefer Wilson has been selected to represent Australia and compete against the world’s best big air skaters at the X Games in Sydney in October. This isn’t a junior team either. He’s in the Aussie ‘Big Air’ team of three who’ll all be training together at Keefer’s place at Nyora in the weeks leading up. That’s because Keefer’s dad Peter built the Megaramp in the backyard of their Megaranch property. N013318

APART from the mind-blowing moment 11-year-old Keefer Wilson from Nyora found out he was going to compete for Australia at the X Games, he’s kept a cool head about it all.
He’s not phased at all about taking on his heroes from the United States in Sydney in October with Australia’s Big Air team.
“I don’t expect to win. I’ll just chill and have fun. It will be my first games so I’m not going to kill myself!”
The moment he received the invitation to compete was recorded on a smartphone. Yep, he did lose it for a bit, but it would have been weird if he didn’t.
He’ll be by far the youngest competitor at the games, but he’s training harder than most can, due to the fact that he has a Megaramp in his backyard.
That’s right, his dad Peter, a professional golfer, built the 95-metre structure at the Megaranch property.
It was Peter’s second attempt after complaints about the first ramp from a neighbour meant it had to be pulled down.
Peter’s persistence has paid off. This one is the biggest of its type in Australia and has the tick of approval from Australian skating legend Tas Pappas.
Tas is on the Aussie Big Air team of just three with Keefer and Jake Brown. The trio will be training together in the lead up to the games at the Megaranch.
Keefer trains every day, provided its not too windy or raining.
He’s working on his jump for the games.
“It’s a fakie 540 over the jump into a big McTwist.”
He’s nailed it a few times and if he can pull it off at the games, he’ll have a good look at the finals.
Funnily enough, Peter didn’t build this with Keefer’s success in mind.
“He was just a baby when we started back in 2010. I built the first one for a good mate of mine Trevor Ward and then this one for Tas.
“Now our kids are using it!”
Peter and wife Ruth home school their three kids.
“It’s easy to get him to do his work,” Ruth said.
“He’s not allowed to use the ramp until it’s all done.”
His older sister Aaliyah, 12, is into skating and gymnastics while Chloe, who’s older again, is keen to forge a career in dancing.
Peter said he used to skate before taking golf seriously.
He and his brother built ramps in their backyard.
“My whole family is in the building game,”
Peter said.
When I left school, I was a builder for a couple of years working with my brother.
“We’ve always been doing it. We built a tree house and even had power connected to it. We used to sleep in it too, but the council decided it was too big and we had to pull it down!”
While this new megaramp is ‘mega’, at 38 degrees it’s not as steep as the 52-degree ramp that will be waiting for Keefer in Sydney, along with all the biggest names in the sport.
Keefer said he’s looking forward to meeting his heroes including Elliot Sloan, Trey Wood, Mitchie Brusco and Clay Kreiner.
You can catch all the action from the X Games live on 7mate.