Lab technician with the Metro Quarry Group Sheree Kidziak explains the science of sand treatment to the Grade 3 and 4 students. N033218

Tina Phillips with granddaughter Lilly and MQG’s planning and regulatory manager Ryan Messer took part in the tree planting exercise at the site. N023218

THE quarrying industry is well established in the Nyora and Lang Lang areas and it’s here to stay.
It’s a big employer, so it makes sense to give local kids a taste of what it’s like to work there.
Metro Quarry Group has one of the biggest quarries in the area.
It has teamed up with the Nyora Primary School to develop pilot educational programs designed for all students.
MQG’s planning and regulatory manager Ryan Messer welcomed a large group of Grade 3 and 4 students to a site visit and tour on Wednesday last week.
“It’s a community engagement project aimed at fostering relationships,” Ryan said.
“We’re opening our doors. The quarry industry is part of the local community so we’re showing what we do.
“We started the program three years ago with pre-school kinder visits from Lang Lang and Loch.
“This is the first year we’ve run a pilot program for primary school age children and we’ve teamed up with the Nyora Primary School.
“Together we’ve developed an educational package for Term 3 that will have a quarry industry focus.”
After a safety briefing at the site, the students took part in a quick tree planting session to highlight the importance of rehabilitating quarried areas.
They then broke into four groups and rotated through four activities.
One group looked at the various machines used in the quarrying process. Group two looked at the science of sand and the processes used to transform the raw product into the materials used in the construction industry.
Groups three and four hopped on a bus and toured the quarry site to see the machines in operation extracting the sand. They also inspected the wash plant.
Students take what they’ve learned on site and use it in their regular curriculum studies.
The MQG program consists of a series of units starting with, ‘What is a quarry?’
Units covered include products of quarrying, processes of quarrying, why we need quarries, how do quarries care for the environment and people, geology career in quarrying and partnering with the community.
During this term teachers across the school will undertake the units with students, with ongoing support and resources from the quarry.
Teachers will work closely with MQG giving them feedback on the new program.
The program will cover many areas of the curriculum and will then be rolled across other schools in the area.