AFL Gippsland’s Leagues and Competitions Review Draft Recommendations Report is out.

And among other things it is proposing the amalgamation of the Mid Gippsland and Alberton competitions.

Under ‘Recommendation One’ it is proposed by AFL Gippsland that a new senior competition is created, to be called the Central and Southern Gippsland Competition (C&SGC).

It will include all current Alberton Football Netball League (Fish Creek, Foster, MDU, Stony Creek, Tarwin, Toora) and Mid Gippsland Football and Netball Association (Boolarra, Yinnar, Morwell East, Yallourn-Yallourn North, Trafalgar, Newborough, Hill End, Thorpdale, Mirboo North).

Clubs compete across three football grades; Senior, Reserves and U17s.

The new league will operate under AFL Gippsland governance and administration.

Other recommendations include:

* Tooradin Dalmore and the Warragul Industrials to join the West Gippsland FNC in season 2019.

* Yarragon Football Netball Club to join the Ellinbank & District FL

* A new junior football league known as the West Gippsland Junior Football Competition to launch in 2019



Netball recommendations include:

  • Should the Netball Victoria Board approve the proposed new Gender Regulations, expected to be confirmed in early September 2018 (to commence 1 January 2019), it will be binding to all affiliates of Netball Victoria Recommendation
  • No Under 11 competitions to be run as part of Football Netball League structures. Clubs with teams in this age group find alternate competitions via Netball Victoria affiliated associations
  • Three Leagues currently running 13 & Under competitions consider finding alternate opportunities via Netball Victoria affiliated associations
  • All coaches must have a Netball Australia Foundation Online Coach Accreditation and complete the Rules of Netball Theory exam, as a minimum.

There are 11 netball recommendations in all and several applying to junior football.

AFL Gippsland believes footballers in the region “will enjoy a smoother transition from junior to senior football” under proposed changes outlined in review’s draft recommendations.

The AFL Gippsland Region Commission released the report on Friday night, August 31, with the introduction of an under-17 age group in place of existing age group structures in all but two of the region’s senior competitions for season 2019 among nine recommendations put forward for consideration.

Gippsland League clubs will continue to field under-16 and under-18 teams and the Omeo and District Football Netball League will continue to field under-16 teams, with under-16 grades to be removed from the Sale and District and Traralgon and District junior competitions.

Other proposed changes include the development of a standardised permit structure and approach to area agreements between leagues, as well as a formal process towards alignments between junior and senior clubs.

Junior participation formed a key component of the rationale for the review and a vast majority of clubs expressed concerns regarding the makeup of junior football structures throughout the extensive review process.

AFL Gippsland Region General Manager Ben Joske said the changes would benefit clubs and relieve volunteers of some of the pressures around the recruitment and retention of players.

“For the past 10 years participation numbers for players in the 15 to 18-year age bracket have remained quite consistent but below what is required for clubs to field a full complement of teams in their respective competitions,” Joske said.

“By streamlining junior structures we can reduce the number of times players need to play in multiple games on the one weekend and on permit to simply make up the necessary numbers.

“This in turn will limit player burnout and minimise the burden on volunteers to find players, freeing them up to focus on retaining junior footballers and nurturing them through to become senior members of the club.”

The draft recommendations also proposed the creation of a new junior competition in West Gippsland and for the Alberton and Mid Gippsland leagues to come together to form the Central and Southern Gippsland Competition, with both new entities to be administered and governed by AFL Gippsland.

Other proposed changes include the transfer of Yarragon Football Netball Club to the Ellinbank and District Football League and of Warragul Industrials and Tooradin-Dalmore football netball clubs to the West Gippsland Football Netball Competition, as well as 11 recommendations from Netball Victoria relating to the administration and governance of netball competitions in the region.

“The viability and sustainability of all clubs within the Gippsland region is at the heart of this review,” Joske said.

“Having completed an extensive consultation process and analysed wide-ranging data it was clear several clubs would find it difficult to remain competitive under the current football structures and therefore changes needed to be considered.

“Volunteer workload was a consistent concern among clubs and several recommendations have been made to assist in this area such as better training, administrative support, implementation of operational efficiencies and governance structures.

The draft recommendations were presented to representatives from football and netball clubs, leagues and other key stakeholders at four separate locations last Thursday. All clubs have since been provided with a copy of the draft recommendations report and have until Friday, September 14 to provide feedback.

Final recommendations will be handed down on Friday, September 21, with changes implemented for season 2019.