Ron Brown with his petition in Mirboo North last week. N063318

PLANS have been drawn up for a service station to be built just across the road from the Mirboo North Kindergarten and the town’s library.
The aged care facility is also not far away, and primary school students are among the most frequent pedestrians in the area.
The proposed site is on the corner of Meeniyan-Mirboo North Road and Ridgway (Strzelecki Highway), opposite Baromi Park.
Turtons Creek resident Ron Brown has urged the townspeople to object to United Petroleum’s plans that have been submitted to the South Gippsland Shire Council.
He alerted the Mirboo North Primary School and kindergarten. Students and staff from both met Mr Brown on site on Thursday to show their disapproval.
“According to the shire document sent to me, the land will be developed with illuminated signage, the removal of street parking and the creation of access roading,” Mr Brown said.
“The presence of the children at Thursday’s demonstration was a practical statement to the people and the authority that this plan is not acceptable.
“There is clearly a question of their safety as they walk to and from school alongside that location.
“In my opinion, the council should explain up front to the developer why such a plan is dead from the start, ie, don’t waste your money.
“The children say ‘Go away Mr Big and put your damaging plant somewhere else.
“I must say the children and supporting adults were most impressive,” Mr Brown said.
Among them was school principal Matt Snell.
“I just think it’s the wrong spot,” Mr Snell said.
“There’d be fumes drifting into the kinder and 20 per cent of our school population of 320 walks to school.
“You want parents to feel confident that they can do so safely without concerns about trucks coming in for fuel.
“Lots of kids from the primary school and the high school walk this way so it has the potential to be very dangerous.”
Roslyn Webb is a kindergarten teacher and she’s also strongly opposed to the plans.
“It’s already a very busy corner here with lots of trucks, and parents dropping off children and picking them up.”
Mr Brown has drawn up a petition calling on the South Gippsland Shire Council to show some “spine” and reject outright the proposal that will bring “smells, fumes”, extra truck traffic and “ugliness”.