by Nathan Johnston

THE only negative point to the State Government’s Solar Homes program is that I’ve already bought solar panels and have had them installed.
If only I held off for an extra year! The price of the system would have been halved and I could have paid the balance back interest free across four years.
The Solar Homes ‘program’ (It’s too good to be called a ‘scheme’), will see solar panels installed on 650,000 homes around Victoria, provided Daniel Andrews is re-elected.
It’s a no-brainer for home owners as solar panels make a huge difference to your bills, even though the feed-in tariff is worth stuff all.
My panels cost more than they should have (Shop around, folks!), but even in winter, they do the job.
The key is to be smart with your power use. Set the timer on your dishwasher, washing machine and air-con to have them working when your panels are charging in the sun.
A well-installed system should cover most of your electricity costs, provided you don’t live in a grow house.
The adage that if something is ‘too good to be true, it probably is’ rang true with the Federal Labor Government’s home insulation scheme a few years back. Dodgy workmanship put homes and lives at risk, and it even proved fatal.
But the Premier has promised not to make the same mistakes as Kevin Rudd. He’ll properly train 4500 sparkies which is a very good idea when you’re working with electricity and large objects at height.
So if that’s the case, this program ticks all the boxes – it creates jobs, saves home owners money and is great for the environment.
Why didn’t they think of it earlier?