NYORA’S Tammy Logan has been nominated for two major Victorian awards for her dedication to educating, inspiring and empowering individuals to live more sustainably.
Ms Logan has been nominated for both the Parks Victoria Environmental Sustainability Award and the Regional Development Victoria Leadership and Innovation Award in this year’s 2018 Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards, in recognition of her efforts to advocate for the environment and change the way people view waste.
For the past three years, Ms Logan has been writing the ‘Gippsland Unwrapped’ blog, documenting her efforts towards plastic-free and zero-waste living.
The popularity of the blog has grown beyond Gippsland, and Ms Logan has now amassed over 15,000 online followers.
She’s also regularly invited to speak at schools and community events across the state, and even provides advice to small business and local government.
Speaking to the Sentinel-Times last week, Ms Logan said she appreciated the Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards for recognising the valuable contributions of people living in regional and rural communities.
“We face different challenges than our city counterparts.”
These include barriers to participation in educational opportunities, professional development, and networking because of distance, time, cost and a lack of transport options.
Despite such challenges, Ms Logan said her motivation to keep going with her blog and other community education efforts was only growing, especially as she continued to see the proof that she was helping other individuals, families and businesses achieve their goals to be more sustainable.
“I get lots of great feedback and written messages sent to me after my presentations saying how much they appreciate what I do and that they are inspired to make changes in their own lives, so I know I’m making a difference,” she said.
“It is lovely to know that there are people out there who recognise the effort I put into living more sustainably and empowering others to do the same, but I don’t do it for the recognition.
“What ultimately motivates me is my love of the natural world and how fascinating and intricate it is.
“I feel we should be trying to live within the circular systems of nature rather than this linear ‘take, make, dump’ approach that we have, which is destroying the environment and our health.”
Ms Logan said over the years, she’d found many “co-benefits” to living a reduced waste life.
“My family and I have taken the focus away from ‘stuff’ to enjoy more experiences together.
“We’ve reduced clutter, which reduces time spent cleaning up and the stress that clutter can create.
“We’ve learned to repair and make things, which is empowering and reduces our reliance on money.
“We eat healthier and know what is in our food, so there are fewer chemicals in our life.
“And we’re more connected to our local community through trade, sharing and supporting local businesses and makers.”
Winners of the 2018 Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards will be announced at an Awards Gala Presentation Dinner on Friday, October 26.
There’s a $2000 prize for each of the awards’ 10 categories, and Ms Logan said if she were selected, she’d put the money towards “making a bigger difference in the world” by investing in communication and engagement technology to enhance her blog, and behaviour change professional development.