AS well-known Korumburra golfer Bob Newton is fond of saying, “if the dog hadn’t stopped to scratch himself, we’d have had rabbit for dinner”.
The adage was appropriate last Tuesday when four golfers had a narrow escape from a huge pine tree as it fell across the bunker next to the 13th green just after two players had sliced their shots into the sand.
As the players were advancing on the green and bunker, the wind came up as a storm front approached, there was a loud crack and the massive tree came down across the side of the bunker.
One of the players, Korumburra Golf Club Treasurer Don Hislop remarked later that if we hadn’t stopped to look for his playing partner Ian Cash’s golf ball on the 12th, we’d have been right in the firing line.
True to the rules of golf, though, the players played the balls where they were lying in the bunker and Ian Cash even earned himself a par for his trouble.
The tree fell neatly across the bunker, between the balls and an expensive piece of South Gippsland Water infrastructure.