Just received my Bass Coast council rates notice for this year for my holiday house – $2100 which I consider quite expensive for what I get.
I except we need to pay for shared services but when you’re not using things such as garbage services, recycling services or green waste services (I take my waste back to Melbourne 95 per cent of times), surely you should get a rebate as they charge us not only the pick-up service but also the disposal of this waste).
I also object to being charged for road services that are debatably the worst in the state.
I find Bass Coast road repair service one of the worst around (this might be intrinsically linked to the number of council patching trucks always parked at the Inverloch boat ramp enjoying their extensively expanded morning, lunch and afternoon tea breaks that council turn a blind eye to).
I want accountability in government. I hope that entities such as the Bass Coast Residents and Ratepayers Association gets more people on board and get some credibility for keeping council honest.
The current council I have to admit was a breath of fresh air compared to the recalcitrants that were previously in power but unfortunately the current council has give down the oath of the last council and been more focused on setting themselves up for benefit rather than trying to benefit the ratepayer at large.
DJ Wise, Ashwood.