Since moving into a new private rental property just across the road from my previous home in Inverloch for past three years, which we believed was ready to inhabit and use, we have had eight visits and complaints about using the split system heater provided (which we discovered was a previous issue when the owner lived here).
Two police attendances have been required to address the heater and aggressive behaviour of our neighbour.
Four different tradesmen have attended this issue and the real estate agent to look at the heater unit and to seek to fix and quote.
Two tradesmen attended the property for new blinds (with a third expected as one blind is completely useless), another tradesman for a Nobo heater installation.
There have also been two visits from Bass Coast Shire Department of Health about the noise of the heater unit.
I tried downloading the manual for the heater (as advised by the owner of the property who had had complaints previously) and using it on quiet mode.
At first this seemed to work and the neighbour thanked me.
However, despite running it that way we received further complaints about the heater noise. I tried keeping the temperature down, sometimes it was without complaint and other times I received more complaints.
A technician was called and the system was tested; he said it was running within regulations and better than most systems.
After involving police due to another incident of late night aggressive behaviour from the neighbour, I also worked with the Department of Health at Bass Coast Shire and tried using the fan on low only for four days.
Three days were without complaint and on the fourth day I had police arrive at my door telling me that if the system makes sound I need to turn it off, so I did.
They explained the EPA law says if it’s making a noise I need to turn it off. I appreciated that the police were visiting me and not my aggressive neighbour this time. I have taken my remote control back to the real estate agents and refuse to use the heater/ac at all.
They have since fitted a Nobo heater which is silent, but not as effective as it has no fan and the home is large. There is also no AC now. I started to move into the property 40 days ago and we have all (three generations) lived together in the new premises for three weeks.
That is 21 days with a total of 21 visits and many more emails and phone calls which I have yet to give account.
On top of this we have been served with two breach notices for excessive noise late at night for same issues and threatened with a notice to access the property while assisting with juggling times to do so.
We have also had a bright light used over our back yard every night until recently, with communications over our back yard, domestic disputes continually next door until recently and outrageously loud music next door for hours on one occasion following direct confrontation and outbursts about the heater issue. I am not sure what quiet enjoyment is but I do know that we have not had it.
Michelle Mackay, Inverloch.