Emergency services carefully move the injured farmer to the waiting air ambulance in the fading light at Loch last Thursday. m133918

Ambulance Victoria had a 4WD ambulance on standby in case their air ambulance couldn’t access the hilly location of a farm accident at Loch last Thursday. M163918

The air ambulance prepares to land at the site of a farm accident at Loch last Thursday. M173918

A LARGE contingent of emergency services personnel responded to a Triple Zero (000) call from a farm near Bena/Loch at about 5.43pm last Thursday.
It has been reported that a local farmer in his 60s was injured as a result of a tractor rollover on Bells Road near Soldiers Road.
The incident took place on a hilly section of the farming property, difficult to access by standard ambulances.
Ambulance Victoria sent paramedics and ultimately a 4WD ambulance and their air ambulance HEMS2 to the scene while emergency services on the ground prepared a number of possible landing sites.
After scoping the area carefully, the skilled pilots in the air ambulance landed in a relatively level clearing close to the accident with emergency services personnel able to carry the injured man the short distance to the helicopter.
Light was fading quickly as the patient was placed aboard and transferred to hospital.
His condition is not known.
WorkSafe is investigating.