THE Caltex service station, located at 70-78 Commercial Street, Korumburra was closed last Wednesday, September 5, but it may not be permanent.
The area has since been cordoned off with safety fencing, meaning that parking spaces, used by patrons of the Rainbow Palace Chinese Restaurant and others, will no longer be available for use.
A spokesperson for the firm said the decision by Caltex to close the outlet was a commercial one.
But he said there was a good chance the firm would redevelop the site sometime next year, offering all fuel services, as well as a large retail and convenience outlet.
There were no plans to sell it.
He said fuel tanks had been decanted during the week and test holes drilled to ensure there have been no leakages.
No problems were detected, he said.
Local traders are concerned that the construction fencing is not a good look for the town, that they would prefer to see part of the site left open for parking but they have welcomed redevelopment plans.