Criminals ignored signs indicating there are unmarked burials at the Wonthaggi Cemetery. mm133818

UNMARKED graves were driven over before a large pile of rubble was dumped at the Wonthaggi Cemetery recently.
Volunteers from the Friends of the Wonthaggi Cemetery group made the discovery on Thursday, September 6.
They arrived in the morning to see tyre marks across the lawn where there are 37 unmarked graves.
The marks led into the pine trees at the volunteer-managed cemetery.
On inspection of the area, they found a stack of rubble.
It’s the second instance of illegal dumping in the area in the last three months.
Police and the local laws team at council are investigating.
At a public cemetery meeting last week, volunteers and councillors agreed it was a deplorable act.
“It’s in the same area that a tree stump was dumped,” volunteer Renee Loeckenhoff said.
“They knock down the trees, they just go in – try to get their rubbish in as far as they can.
“I just can’t believe anyone would do this. Why?”
Cr Clare Le Serve described it as “disgraceful”, with similar comments from other councillors. The cemetery’s also next to the Wonthaggi tip.
The criminals ignored several signs reading “Please respect the historical unmarked graves in the lawned area beyond this point”, put up near the edge of the cemetery driveway.
The incident’s also prompted CCTV motion cameras to be set-up to stop it happening again.
The CCTV will be at no immediate cost to the council, as it already has motion activated cameras on-hand.
The portable cameras have been successful in reducing illegal dumping in other “hotspots”, according to the council.
Council community safety officer Anthony Ball said the criminals had gone to some effort to dump the rubble near the trees.
“Unfortunately, we just see this type of dumping way too much,” he said after inspecting the rubble on Friday.
“We just see everything being dumped, from dirt and rubbish to car bodies.”
Volunteers and the council are also trying to rectify flooding issues with the cemetery, with the second stage of a drainage masterplan nearly completed.