Kelly Flocas likes the look of these cupcakes at the Very Special Kids fundraiser at Inverloch last Saturday. m253918

IT WAS very important last Saturday morning that the annual Very Special Kids ‘Pink Pig’ fundraiser, hosted by Inverloch Tatts and the Foodworks’ Supermarket, was a success.
And going by the crowd that turned up on Saturday morning to support the event, it was a success – funds raised will be revealed later.
Representatives of Very Special Kids, for children with a terminal illness, Steph Groube and Sharon King, said $8.5 million was needed annually just to operate the VSP Respite Facility in Malvern which looks after children with life threating illnesses while their parents are having a break and while they are receiving treatment, also providing palliative care, which of course is a hard concept to come to terms with where very young children are concerned.
“It used to be the only facility providing end-of-life care for children in Australia but now there’s one in Sydney as well I believe,” said one of the Friends of VSK.
“We also do ward visits, take kids on camps, provide in-home support and also put families in touch with other families who may be going through the same issues.”
So, the money raised at Inverloch on Saturday morning was indeed all for a good cause.