Your paper (page 5, August 28, Gippsland MPs keep their jobs) predicted ‘a brave face was put on’ by various Liberal National Party Ministers, who originally served in the Turnbull Government, and following the carnage in Canberra, and with incredible political good luck, got to serve in the new Morrison/Frydenburg Government.
The responses of Greg Hunt MP for Flinders to the questions put by your paper, on the recent government leadership fiasco in Canberra are breathtaking in their dishonesty.
I am disturbed that Greg Hunt, who eagerly nominated as Deputy Leader, with Peter Dutton, who was defeated in the ballot for Prime Minister, did not treat your questions with any real respect, indeed, answers were disingenuous, ‘feeding the chooks’, in the best Joh from Queensland style.
Actually, who knows what he did, or what any other Liberal MP did – the government in the parliament was so outrageously out of control for a week while the downfall of Malcolm Turnbull was carried out.
In your article, Greg Hunt ignored why he felt that his elected PM, Malcolm Turnbull should be replaced with Peter Dutton, who was influenced by Tony Abbott.
Mr Hunt should be honest with the people who voted him into his seat of Flinders at last election.
It appears he will take any opportunity to further his political career, even if it is serving in a Dutton led Government, as long as he is Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party.
This is still a shockingly divided Federal Liberal Party, and their gross inability to govern this country is appallingly apparent.
Anne Don, Cowes.