It is with relief that I read two letters (A Forrester’s, Sentinel-Times, September 11 and T Parry’s, September 18, both of which referred to Cr Michael Whelan speaking out about the destruction of indigenous vegetation in Inverloch. Some people are noticing this and care enough to write! I want to add my voice.
Only recently come to live in Inverloch after many years of visiting, I find myself saddened to see how much beautiful native bush and how many trees Inverloch has lost.
The sound of chainsaws has been constant all winter as both street and garden trees have been cut down. Where will the koalas and birds go if we destroy it all in favour of very large houses, built with no sensitivity to the overall environment?
Any projects that council has in the pipeline should be carefully scrutinised with regard to the overall environmental impact.
Sometimes less is more when we live in such a naturally beautiful place. Do we want Inverloch to become an urban landscape like much of Ocean Grove and surrounds in our state, or most of the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast?
I also would ask those who want to chop down mature trees, the ‘lungs’ of our planet, to stop first and consider how important such trees are.
Perhaps the council can be more active in stopping the destruction of native vegetation before it is too late?
J Taylor, Inverloch.