Mayor Lorraine Brunt has welcomed the Korumburra Gardens Business Park proposal. She’s with directors John Kennedy, left, and Alistair Jack. N033718

A NEW 50-acre business park in Korumburra will have the potential to create at least 200 new jobs.
The directors of the Korumburra Gardens Business Park, John Kennedy and Alistair Jack, announced the plans on site last week, at the western end of the town’s existing industrial estate.
Mr Kennedy said negotiations are already well advanced with a potential major investor who’s interested in acquiring a large slice of the park.
He said the park would be designed to attract a range of industries, from government departments and university research labs, to manufacturing.
“This is all about promoting jobs for this area. There are so many people moving to Korumburra and the whole area, but there are no jobs.”
Mr Jack’s background is in high end residential construction and industrial developments.
As the name implies, Korumburra Gardens Business Park will be developed into an attractive, sustainable, and carefully designed location for local, Melbourne and Victorian businesses to establish a new or expanded enterprise.
The South Gippsland Shire Council issued a planning permit for the subdivision of this property in 2011 to the previous owner, the Rossi Group, but it was never activated.

Mr Kennedy said the process to buy the land was difficult, but he intends to make it work for Korumburra.
After careful study and analysis, he said the previous plan had commercial and practical shortcomings.
“We are in the process of seeking expressions of interest from end users who wish to establish in the Business Park before finalising the layout design, and new permits will be obtained as required.
“However, all the environmental and design standards established by the earlier planning permit will be adhered to and enhanced.”
Korumburra Gardens Business Park will request the council to declare this development as a ‘Project of Local Significance’ in accordance with the Council’s Business Investment and Attraction Policy.
If successful, staff will be exclusively assigned to see it through.
Both the Mayor, Cr Lorraine Brunt, and director of Development Services Bryan Sword were at the launch.
“A Project of Local Significance triggers special support when dealing with government agencies to ensure it ticks all the boxes,” Mr Sword said.
“Investment brings investment. We’ll support someone like John, and Alistair, with the courage and resources to get things started.”
Cr Brunt said Mr Kennedy has been a passionate advocate for Korumburra since opening the Bicycle Fitting Store.
“It’s great that someone has come in and has such confidence in the region. He’s a man with a vision.”
Civil engineer Simon Patterson and former shire councillor Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks, who has years of experience in property development, are developing the plans.
“We will be using local tradespeople where possible,” Mr Hutchinson-Brooks said.
“There are many here who are very good at what they do.”
Committee for Gippsland (C4G) CEO Sophie Morell said locally driven projects are well supported by government agencies.
“This is a great opportunity for the region with flow-on benefits across the board.
“Korumburra is on the cusp of greatness and C4G will be thrilled to help see this come to fruition.”
The property has two creek systems running through it that have become completely overgrown with environmental weeds.
These creeks will be cleared to provide an attractive setting with walking tracks and ponds for the enjoyment of those who work in the Business Park, as well as for the people of Korumburra.