Hallelujah to Cr Michael Whelan for speaking out about the wholesale destruction of indigenous growth along, just to mention a couple of streets, Lohr Avenue and Surf Parade.
Since 1971 I have owned and encouraged planting on my property of bird-attracting native bush spending many dollars to this end along the way.
That is what Inverloch is all about!
There would appear to be much interest during the last year in buying properties either established or for building.
Yes, I don’t mind new houses being built but for goodness sake I have watched as old homes are demolished or converted knowing full well that what I will see is the mass depletion of native growth in favour of suburban style show off properties as I walk around for exercise.
My house is virtually hidden from the road with glorious Ti Tree and other native species with a touch of flowers near the house.
I get protection from the winds and sea spray as well.
A number of my letters have been kindly published by your paper with concerns about parking in Surf Parade as the path is developed and the destruction of native growth along with this and the desire by some to turn us into a Melbourne suburb.
In Melbourne suburbs it is illegal to remove established growth without an arborist reporting to the owner and council about what growth may be legally removed with heavy fines for disobedience.
This to me would be the solution to the problem allowing the minimum removal of bush for safety reasons.
My message to those who would destroy the character of Inverloch in this way is ‘Please, do not buy here!’
Instead, carry out your vandalism somewhere else!
A Forrester, Inverloch.