The communities of South Gippsland have been without a passenger service for the past 24 years.
This means 24 years of extra wear and tear on the roads and infrastructure – 24 years of the community spending their own hard-earned money on personal vehicle maintenance, to commute to the city and not to mention the growing cost of fuel. It’s 24 years of having to catch overcrowded buses if you manage to even get on.
The Southern Rail Preservation Group is actively working to save and restore the South Gippsland Rail corridor and return a regular passenger service to the area.
Through a several-staged approach we at the Southern Rail Preservation Group will initially reactivate the tourist railway bringing tourists to the area, followed by passenger services.
Southern Rail is controlled by five members and five members only; Luke Macwhirter, Winston Martin, Dan Gilliland, Matt Cantle and Stuart Gilbert.
These are the only names at this time that should be associated with the opinions or views expressed by Southern Rail.
If you have a question about the Return of the Rail, ask Southern Rail. Associate the South Gippsland Rail Corridor with Southern Rail, we are your voice and we want to bring back a sustainable tourist and passenger rail service for South Gippsland. We want to do this for all the South Gippsland residents.
You can also contact us via email,
Winston Martin, Southern Rail.