Residents who opposed the application for joy flights operating from 5610 Bass Highway heard last week that VCAT has granted a permit.
They are pleased that the member recognised the threat to their amenity from the operation and thus applied strict conditions to the permit. Some of which are:
• Only one plane is allowed to operate from the airfield and that is to be a four-seater Cessna; other aircraft, fixed wing or rotary wing, are disallowed unless there is written permission from the council. This rule will not apply to emergency aircraft.
• Only flights originating and ending at 5610 Bass Highway are permitted; not flights transporting people from one place to another.
• The north south runway is to be used, unless extreme conditions prevent this, and the circuit is to be to the west of the runway. Flights are to operate south of the airfield.
• The entrance to the facility will have to be upgraded to VicRoads’ satisfaction. This will come as a relief to many as the conditions at 5610 Bass Highway are similar to those at the location of a recent, very serious, accident on the Bass Highway in Inverloch.
• A maximum of 10 flights a day are permitted, between 8am and 5pm.
• A Fly Neighbourly Manual is to be produced by (the applicant) Mr Malone, which will have input from him, the Council and neighbours of the airfield, before his business commences.
As objectors to the joy flight operation we were pleased with the conduct of the tribunal hearing and the senior member, Mr Potts’, report. We consider him to be fair in his conclusions.
Ross Smith and Sarah Spencer-Smith, Inverloch.