At last we have some acknowledgement and concern written about the destruction of indigenous and native vegetation around Inverloch.
Credit to Cr Michael Whelan (Sentinel-Times, September 4), and A Forrester’s letter to the editor (Sentinel-Times, September 11).
The sound of chainsaws and mechanical chippers have become the norm in this town and the noise of them makes me physically sick.
We have become such a selfish, consumerist society that we can only think of ourselves and how big we can build stuff.
The landscape of Inverloch has lost so much of its beauty to greedy development and as a result we have lost the flora and fauna that went to making this place so very special.
It should not be so easy to remove mature trees and I have lost faith in the council with regards to protecting this town.
Whenever I have reported the removal or the obvious poisoning (nature strip) of trees around our area I have gotten either no response or a most unsatisfactory response. One cannot even speak to the relevant department directly.
Around Nautilus Road and Beilby Avenue over the past five years the removal or poisoning of mature trees has been abhorrent.
Koalas, once common in our town, are now rarely seen.
South Gippsland as an area is obviously becoming an attractive place to live. Who can blame people for wishing to live (or invest) here – we have extraordinary beauty. However, it is not okay to just come in and urbanise.
Don’t come to Inverloch, or indeed South Gippsland, if you cannot live with trees.
I have to agree with A Forrester’s letter to the editor where it is stated, “My message to those who would destroy the character of Inverloch in this way is please, do not buy here. Instead carry out your vandalism somewhere else.
Hear, hear!
T Parry Inverloch.