On August 22 I shopped in Leongatha, visited the wonderful library and realising the council was meeting, I attended.
There were just three public attendees – some democracy.
I was intrigued at the general council politeness between the members, sweetness and light was clearly the order of the day. The government observer must have been very impressed.
At a certain point the CEO absented himself from the proceedings, he had apparently a conflict of interest. I joined him as he paced up and down and asked him a worrying question.
Did he see the report of a demonstration in Mirboo North? No, he said, what was that about.
Mr Tamlin and certain previous councillors have previously told me that they do not read the local press. This is a sad condemnation of their lack of interest in the public opinion, it also suggested he considered that there was no problem with the proposed second petrol station now envisioned.
I explained about the application which was destined for a most sensitive location. He immediately said, “I know all about that, there was a petrol station there before and the tanks are still in the ground.” His awareness and rapid response was a warning – let progress and development gallop ahead.
The CEO was then called back to the meeting but as he retreated, in haste, I remarked “this proposal must not go ahead”. I repeated my comment.
To the residents of Mirboo North, I declare that I live out of town.
I could claim that the spoiling of the green place and the local environs is to me out of sight and therefore out of my mind.
You people, however, live in town so, it is up to you to rage against this new shire action.
Society is more than “cash”. It is made up of the people’s needs of beauty, culture and social engagement. Of course, if you want ugliness, obnoxious fumes, noise and bright glaring lights, then go back to sleep.
Providing money for Baromi Park and the swimming pool is important but the shire should not be destructive with other counterproductive plans.
Are you listening, Leongatha?
Ron Brown, Mirboo.