BASS Coast Shire Council has displayed a banner carrying the message ‘Bass Coast says no to violence’ on a wall of the Cowes Cultural Centre, facing Thompson Avenue.
The council has been working with the community members who organised recent White Ribbon tributes for Samantha Fraser to continue their visible stance to end men’s violence against women.
The banner will be displayed until White Ribbon Day, which is on Friday, November 23.
Alice Bradley, a close friend of Sam Fraser’s and one of the organisers of the community’s tributes sees it as a good way to keep the message visible, that men’s violence against women in the community is unacceptable.
“It can be easy to lose steam in the aftermath of so much energy and commitment,” Alice said.
“This sign is important in keeping our message consistent and in the front of our minds.”
Mayor of Bass Coast Shire Council, Cr Pamela Rothfield agreed.
“The sign is not only a display of the council’s commitment to the White Ribbon cause as a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace, it is a sign of our commitment to supporting our community in the fight towards equality and safety for everyone in our community,” Cr Rothfield said.
The council and recently reformed action group titled ‘Community Against Violence’ are working towards planning a forum.
Part of the work of the forum is to help people understand how to find support or assistance for family and friends.
If you’re in need of help or counselling, please call emergency services on 000, Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre 1800 015 188 or 1800 RESPECT, confidential national counselling service.