By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

So far the spring has been kind with the weather producing some very good days for fishing, unlike the normal changing windy days. We have had some very warm days when the low tide is in the middle of the day which warms up the mud helping to lift the water temperature quickly.
That’s exactly what we have had over the last week and where the reports came from later in the week reflected the weeks weather with shallow water late in the evening the place to be.
There has been a lot of people on the jetties also and some very good reports, especially of calamari coming in. The surf was, as it has been very patchy but some quality amongst the reports.
The weather and reports on the improve means everywhere is getting busier and a bit of patients is needed. At the start of season we always see plenty of new people to boating trying to handle their boat on and off the trailer and while it might be a hold up for a short time I guess we all need to remember back to when we first started, I would suggest we didn’t get it right all the time either.
The jetties also get very busy and the same applies with new people to fishing, they are generally the person tangling everyone else. While some will tell you to mind your own business, generally if you can give them a bit of advice most people new to boating or fishing will be grateful of the help. The situation we don’t want to see is like the one that happened at San Remo jetty recently where an argument, probably over nothing much I was told that resulted in a threat being made to throw the angler and or his gear off the jetty. While I don’t know the details of the argument and probably doesn’t matter but it’s not really the thing we need to see.
Calamari reports this week have been the most consistent that they have been all season both from the boats and the land. The boating reports have come from all over the bay with more people trying for calamari wherever they are fishing.
The best reports have come from the San Remo side with the Cowes side a little quieter for some reason. As is normally the case cleeland bight was the best for both size and numbers with dickies bay/reef island a little way behind.
The sizes have been reasonably constant with mostly what you would consider average size. There was some of the big ones reported but just as many very small ones, not much bigger than the jig. Many in the boats are still doubling their chances and using both baited and artificial jigs with the reports about the same. The jetties, with the exception of Rhyll have all reported calamari, and while there hasn’t been a time of the day that has stood out, there was a lot of calamari reported and several days that people were catching multiple numbers.
Jig colours as always is all over the place but almost everyone told me they were very aggressive, especially those in the boats or kayaks.
Many of the calamari were turned into snapper this week with a couple of the nights it didn’t matter what bait you were using.
The snapper started the week a lot better first thing in the morning and in the deeper water but as the sun came out and warmed things up the reports shifted to the shallower snapper areas and in the evening.
The best reports from the week came from Thursday evening, Friday afternoon and Friday evening, and all from the shallow northern end of the corals.
Friday especially we had reports from many different parts of the bay and the best time was the last of the low tide during the day.  The fish sizes all week varied with some even undersized pinkies reported to several that were over 6kg and some closer to the magic 20lb. The bait has changed and where a week or so back it was only pilchards and squid, during the week as I mentioned you could have put anything down and they would have taken it. I would say definitely the tide changes are the way to go during the day and either tide or into the evening after we have had a sunny day head to the shallows.
Whiting have gone back to their usual frustrating self and the bigger ones are hiding again with most of the reports this week telling me how many small ones are around. There was a couple of size ones caught but not that many and several customers fishing in cleeland bight for whiting were telling us that they were getting smashed by couta, several reports from Newhaven jetty of couta as well. It was the same for most of the popular whiting spots with probably more small ones in dickies bay.