Hello Mr Andrews, I know you are a busy man.
You are doing so much for Wonthaggi with the new secondary college and now the fantastic pledge for their hospital which the surrounding areas will definitely benefit from.
Also, the new secondary college junior campus for Phillip Island which is also great news, and senior campus in Wonthaggi.
Can I ask what about Stage 2 for the Korumburra Secondary College which was promised by your predecessors who committed $9 million to finish off the school re-build back in 2014?
I believe that Korumburra people seem to have been forgotten in the process of re-building our kids’ future.
I hope you see the need to visit the Korumburra Secondary College and see Stage 1 completed and the frustration of the local people why Stage 2 hasn’t taken off.
Darren Clark, Korumburra.