I write in defence of our Wonthaggi swimming pool. Your editorial’s denigration of the pool appears more reflective of your own rather precious expectations than the pool’s excellent condition and does a disservice to the efforts of the staff and management who work hard to maintain a high standard of water quality, clean changing rooms and multi-use services and resources.
I am and have been for eight years, a regular user of the pool and have no difficulty with sharing a lane with other swimmers or with the water temperature (Wednesdays are usually warmer to accommodate water therapy classes). I also appreciate the crystal-clear water, friendly service provided by the staff and the cleanliness of the refurbished and repainted changing rooms. If I can’t do a tumble turn at the shallow end of the pool, I view this in the perspective of the wider universe and try not to let it spoil my whole day.
Yes, it would be wonderful to have a new, expanded aquatic facility. However, the Bass Coast community has recently benefitted from considerable government investment in community services and resources (schools and hospital in particular) and this has been achieved in no small part by efforts of the council.
It seems from your comments that you are demanding that the council must be pushing on innumerable fronts simultaneously. No doubt if we had won a new pool rather than, say, the hospital upgrade, that would have been due to council’s ‘shameful’ inaction. Whatever priorities the council establishes they will never please everyone – least of all this newspaper.
The negativity of your comments – both in relation to the state of the pool and the council’s achievements – does not help the cause.
As a member of the Bass Coast community, perhaps the Sentinel Times could employ its own influential platform to kickstart a community campaign that could complement council’s efforts to secure funding for a new facility; rather than disrespecting pool staff and carping about the council’s inadequacies.
Maddy Harford, West Creek