By Matt Male

THREE million dollars will be injected into a Cowes foreshore to construct a rock wall, replace groynes and construct a footpath – if the Liberal-Nationals are elected this November.
It includes a footpath along the beach, from Rose Avenue to Coghlan Road, with the wall and groynes expected to reduce the rate of erosion at the Cowes East foreshore.
The announcement by Bass MP Brian Paynter, last Friday afternoon at the beach, has been warmly welcomed by residents.
It follows several meetings with Mr Paynter and the Cowes East Foreshore Preventative Action Group (CEFPAG).
Representatives from the group met with the Liberal MP last week, praising the political party’s commitment.
Mr Paynter said the group has worked tirelessly to stop the erosion at the foreshore and advocate for a footpath.
“During high tide, people can’t walk along here – or worse, they go down there past Coghlan Road and can’t get back,” Mr Paynter said.
The rock will also help protect the foreshore from further erosion and allow people to safely walk along the foreshore.
“If we’re elected, the budget will be in May and we will have this delivered within our first year.”
He said erosion is a serious issue across Phillip Island.
“We want our children and their children to be able to use this Cowes East foreshore.”
CEFPAG chair Ken Hailey thanked Mr Paynter and Shadow Minister for Environment, Nick Wakeling, for the funding commitment.
“I don’t think we’d be here without that support,” he said of the work by Flinders MP Greg Hunt and Mr Paynter.
Mr Nick Wakeling said fragile coastlines must be preserved so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Standing alone?
Also on the subject of Phillip Island and the State Election, Brian Paynter is set to pledge that a Coalition Government would support a municipal review of the Island and would sponsor a referendum for “standing alone” if the review proved favourable.
He was due to meet with Phillip Island Progress yesterday to discuss the details.