You are within the 3km zone of seven industrial wind turbines in Hedley area.
These turbines are 200 metres high. There are another 27 turbines along the highway to Yarram and surrounding farmlands. They’re also coming to Gelliondale, Alberton West and Tooloonook.
Those affected or interested are invited to attend a meeting on Tuesday, October 9 (tonight) at the Hedley Hall at 7pm.
BYO food to share. BBQ available. Tea and coffee provided.
You should be concerned for the health of yourself and loved ones.
A few people have chosen to gain financially from this intended project. We believe that there are real concerns for the health of the residents in our community, the bats and birds, the effect of the audible and inaudible noise. Inaudible ‘noise’ or low frequency sound waves mean that you can feel the sound in your body and your house. Then there is the shadowing and flickering from the blades and the massive concrete footprint in the flood plain of Nine Mile Creek. This list is only a few concerns that we have.
Join us, and fight for your community. Find us on Facebook ‘No Alberton Wind Turbines’ Face Book Page.
And please sign our petition: Sign the petition.
The time limit for action is widely believed to be by October 1, 2018 but there is still one more month in which people can put objections in (by October 31, 2018). Any questions at all Contact Maree 0421 222 242.
Thank you for your interest in this matter. To demonstrate the community angst about this proposal, I am forwarding you a copy of the objections made over just three weeks (see selection attached).
• Jason Prowd: To help highlight the affected residents’ concerns. The Sentinal Times, newspaper has just last week, released numerous pages on a recent study into the sound effects on neighbouring properties of the Bald Hills Windfarm near Tarwin Lower. Contrary to initial windfarm projections of sound effects, it has now been proven to severely impact the neighbouring homes to an unacceptable level. Legal action is now being sort.
• Jacqualene Schneider: I believe Synergy Wind have hidden certain aspects about the turbines as well as be under-handed in their processes to advise locals to the plans and not only that but their plans to build three of their turbines less than 1km from our new home that is almost at completion.
• Barb Beaumont: I have lived in this area my whole life and have always valued our pristine landscape and its unspoilt views. Please don’t let this wind farm progress any further than on paper.
• Katherine Gay I grew up in Alberton West. Those roads just cannot handle the heavy trucks. Farmers will suffer.
• Michelle James: While renewable energy in Victoria should be pursued, the proposed location of these turbines is inappropriate as it will impact on the natural beauty and conserved landscape of South Gippsland. Please consider an offshore location with lower environmental and economic impact on local residents, flora, and fauna.
Alan J McDonald, Yarram