Re shire grab for rates from Carinya. Reference is made to your report in last weeks ‘Sentinel Times’, which advised that Shire CEO Tim Tamlin has decided to charge Carinya Lodge Homes rates after being exempt since formation some 48 years ago.
Carinya Lodge Homes Inc is a not-for-profit charitable organisation which is fully exempt from all government rates and charges.
It is managed and controlled by a voluntary committee of management elected annually by its contributors.
Carinya is not the same as other aged care villages which are run by individuals or companies for the profit of their owners.
Any profits made by Carinya are put back into the organisation by improvements and capital works.
The Carinya establishment is situated on just one title on which a number of buildings are constructed including a 43-bed Aged Care Facility and 43 independent living units.
These buildings have been established for the care of elderly residents of this district. They are not strata titled and can never be owned by the occupants.
They will always remain the property of Carinya. Carinya was set up by the former Shire of Korumburra and the exemption of rates was agreed in accordance with the registration as a charitable organisation.
Garbage rates are payable for a service provided. The roads in Carinya Crescent, Curphey Court, and Farrell Drive were constructed by Carinya on private streets and are maintained by Carinya with no input from the shire.
I have advised the President of the Carinya voluntary committee of management that Carinya should object to the decision of shire to charge rates and indeed should refuse to make these payments.
Contact should be made to our shire council representatives to reverse the decision made by the executive.
This can be done through the Rates Review Committee where councillors have the power to make a discretionary exemption of all rates levied against Carinya.
A State Government election is also due, and an approach should be made to our politicians to pressure the council to rectify this ruling which could affect the future viability of Carinya.
It is time that this community stood up for its rights and not accept this change made by the shire to charge rates to a not-for-profit organisation which has rightly been exempt since its formation.
Clyde Paterson, Hon Life Member, Carinya Lodge Homes Inc.